Water Geysers

Did you know?

A hot spring that discharges intermittent jets of steam and water is called a geyser. Geysers are generally associated with recent volcanic activity. They are produced by the heating of underground waters that have come into contact with, or are very close to, magma. Geyser discharges as high as 1,600 ft (500 m) have been recorded, but 160 ft (50 m) is much more common. Occasionally, a geyser will adopt an extremely regular and predictable pattern of intermittent activity and discharge for a few minutes every hour or so (for example, Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park).

Racold’s instant water geysers are also known as the no wait water heaters. It is a tankless water heater that delivers hot water instantly. Elegance Water heaters feature BEE 5 Star rating and saves on energy costs. Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank and Glass Coated Incoloy heating element ensures.

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