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The main difference between an evaporative  air   cooling system  and AC is that a cooler uses the hot air in the room and water in order to produce cool air leading to less energy consumption as it only has two major components which need powering; a water pump and a fan. A constant supply of  water is needed in order to keep the pads wet and cool the air.

The cooler is also known as Evaporative  air cooler, Swamp cooler, Desert cooler or Water Air cooler.

Evaporative air cooling is the natural process of cooling, similar to wind flowing across a lake. Evaporative air cooler delivers 100% fresh filtered cool air at much lower cost than a refrigerated air conditioner. Thus it is the most viable & economic option for cooling large & open areas.  Moreover ,There is no need to shut doors & windows. In fact, when doors & windows are left open, it works more efficiently.

Some of the advantages of  these  Evaporative cooling system   are that they use up to 60-80 percent less electricity than  refrigerative units. Evaporative air cooler require very little space for installation and feature revolutionary directly coupled motor technology that can cool your entire home or working space measuring up to 1500 sq.ft. with just 1.1 kw electric power.

Evaporative air cooler contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants for cooling . Many of the gases used in refrigerated air conditioning are potent greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons which deplete the ozone layer. CO2 emissions are many times less with an evaporative air cooler.

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