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The market of air conditioners is ever evolving and the variety can be really baffling. If you are in search of an AC for your space, this guide here will help you get better clarity before you make a decision.

Benefits of Window ACs:

  • Easier to be installed as compared to split ACs. You would not to drill walls to conceal air tubes.
  • Ideal or smaller rooms where space can be a constraint, but the room must have a window.
  • Can also be used to stay warm during winters, most models offer built-in heaters as well.

Power Consumption

ACs with higher star ratings can cost a little more but consume a lot lesser electricity, thereby saving money on your electricity bill in the long run.

Most air conditioners come with star ratings ranging from star 1 to star 5. So, the higher the star, the lower the power consumption. For example, a 5 start airconditioner will consume less power as compared to a 3 star.

For at least some time back, air conditioners were considered a luxury product. But because of the rise in its demand because of the rising global warming, this has become a highly desired product. Nowadays, one can easily get a brand new air conditioner at quite a reasonable price. The price of 1 ton AC starts from Rs 25,000 and it goes up to Rs 35,000.

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