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Nothing is more relaxing than coming back to an air-conditioned home after a long, hot day at work. Whether it is a window AC, split AC, portable AC, or even a Central AC, finding professional technicians for AC service in Lahore, AC installation services, or AC repair in Lahore more than easy with Husnain AC Service.

Room Cooler

The  Room coolers have plastic husk inside that reduces heat when transferring air.An room cooler only consumes the same amount of power as two
fans combined.



Supplier and manufacturer of high-quality custom designed cables, cable assemblies, cable harnesses & wiring systems


Sale & Purchase

We sell all kind of Air Conditioners and Cooler

We Repair All Types of AC
Ac Repair
Split Ac Installation
Services Service
Inverter Ac Services


With nearly 2000 active commercial and luxury residential customers, here ‘s why Husnain  A/C Service (formerly C&S AC Services) is Pakistan most trusted heating, cooling and refrigeration company
  1.  If we say it, we mean it; and we stand by our word.
  2. When you have an emergency, our certified technicians will respond quickly to your downed air conditioning system; we are committed to giving you fast and quality service when you need it and depend upon.
  3. Our certified technicians are experienced and completely trained in all of the latest HVAC technology and older HVAC air conditioning systems; there is no type of HVAC equipment that we have not worked on before.
  4. All of our technicians will solve all of your HVAC problems correctly the very first time we come; and we guarantee all our work for an entire 90 days.
  5. We only hire certified technicians that are 100% professional and that can explain everything to you terms you can understand.
  1.  We’re never trying to push newer HVAC systems or unneeded service; we are always completely upfront with you and we give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your situation and your budget
  2. Tampa area businesses love all of our services that are both very cost effective and keeps their businesses going with no down time.
  3. We treat your business like it’s our business; as your partners, we will help you plan installs and project maintenance and operation costs.
  4. We, at Easy Breezy A/C (formerly C&S A/C Services), are an industry leaders because we are continuously improving our service capabilities. We take pride in finding new methods and technologies for regulating your temperature and humidity levels in the hot Florida weather, while minding your costs.
Read FAQ’s
Your all questions are answered here about our services.

How many days it’ll take to repair broken AC?

It will take minimum one day to repair your AC or Cooler. Or the time will be exceed if the problem is big.

Which types of Ac gas filling?

We will fill the Ac gas in the low cost with respective to the market.

What is the Product Gurantee?

Gurantee  provided by us that the all part all genuin and work will be the best.

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    They provide the best Cooler that I ever use
    UsmanOur Customer
    The service is very fast and good. They reach at home as soon as possibel.
    ZeshanOur Customer
    Wow, They provide the best Cooler in low cost.
    NoumanOur Customer
    They Provide the genuine part of the Ac and refrigerator.
    AffanOur Customer

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